Slimjet Download For Mac Free [2017]

Slimjet Download For Mac Free [2017]

Slimjet Download For Mac Free [2017]


Slimjet Web Browser is a Fast & Full-Featured Web Browser for Windows, Linux & Mac. There is a large number of open-source projects around that are by the Chromium that is modern browser the base behind Google Chrome. Slimjet is one of those browsers.

Regarding features and interface, Slimjet includes most of the familiar and features being useful Google Chrome does but provides several extras like integration with YouTube and Facebook.

What’s New?

  • Integrates with Facebook and YouTube
  • Includes weather forecasts
  • Provides options being additional settings
  • Photo enhancement and frames
  • Intelligent type filler
  • Dependable internet application that is browsingE

Working Of Slimjet

Using Slimjet to browse the Internet, you can optimise the exact method you work. This program will allow you to shorten enough time wasted writing very long addresses, by shortening it up to a single or simple framework of words and this can be drawn up in the search box as opposed to the URL that is very long.

Slimjet is also enough fast and sets effort into making itself both usable and useful. Also, carries a function that is sometimes useful can auto-reload a page after a quantity of the time. Also, Slimjet can transform itself into a Windows “app window”.

Just like Google Chrome, Slimjet supports the bookmark bar, searching the internet and will install Chrome extensions with ease.

Features Of Slimjet

  • Super Fast – Shorter startup time, quicker web page browsing running on efficient WebKit motor.
  • Effective and Easy-to-use – Reduce time waste, keyboard & mouse entries with by doing everything immediately.
  • Versatile and powerful- SlimBoat integrates more features and functions than any other internet browser.
  • Secure and Safe – firmly store logins & passwords, quickly erase all traces, block obtrusive advertisements & popups.
  • QuickFill form filler. Let you start the sign and web page in in one action.
  • A full toolbar that is customizable.
  • Include or eliminate toolbar that is extra which give you immediate access to different features
  • One-click Facebook integration. Share your web tasks on Facebook having a click that is solitary
  • Download online streaming videos.
  • Effortlessly download online streaming videos to local disk that ‘s a hard choice to extract the mp3 audio file.
  • Instant photo upload. Immediately shrink the picture to decimate photo time that is uploading.
  • Photo salon. Frame and enhance images appropriate before these are typically uploaded.
  • Flexible website interpretation. Translate a page that is complete chosen text between any two specified languages.

Slimjet Download For Mac Free [2017]

Integrate with popular web services. Effortlessly share the web page that is current various internet solutions. Such as Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, WordPress, Gmail, Hotmail, StumbleUpon.

Instruction Of Slimjet

Proxy switcher. Define proxies that are numerous switch between them effortlessly. Added support that is explicit of proxy.URL alias. Type alias that is in short supply of long URL in Omnibox to save lots of time.Upload clipboard image. Easily upload clipboard image with a simply click that is solitary. No need certainly to save it up to a file first and upload the file then.

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