SourceTree Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

SourceTree Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

SourceTree Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

SourceTree Download:


SourceTree Download is an excellent alternative to the demand line that is a git. It is a fast and way that is easy use Git and Mercurial, particularly if you are utilising Git Flow and seeking at no cost software. Handling rule workflow in SourceTree is intuitive. Also, it can facilitate many git tasks in a fashion that is rational.

Key Features of SourceTree Download:

  • SSH Authentication.
  • Full powered DVCS.
  • Intuitive User Interface.
  • Git-flow support
  • Hg-flow help
  • Merge without fast-forwarding.

Conflict Resolution:

We applied a brand new design that is tab-centric increase vertical space and also to give readability to the repository you’re presently working in. The header that is brand new provides an additional 20px vertically, while the treatment regarding the bookmarks sidebar provides 250px horizontally.

Artistic improvements:

We’ve made text rendering sharper, refined most of the styles, so they look better on Windows 8, and improved compatibility with custom themes, especially dark and ideas which are high-contrast. We might hope you like it!

Simple for beginners:

Bid farewell to the command line – simplify distributed variation control for the group and bring everyone up quickly to speed.

Powerful for experts:

Perfect for making users which can be advanced more efficient. Review changesets, stash, cherry-pick between branches and more.

Full-powered DVCS:

Say goodbye to the demand line – use the capacity that is filled with and Mercurial into the SourceTree desktop software. Manage all your repositories, local or hosted, through SourceTree’s natural user interface.

Perfect for newcomers:

Simplify DVCS for your team. SourceTree can bring everybody else up to date with Git and Mercurial. Create, clone, commit, push, pull, merge, and much more are all just a click away.

SourceTree Download Free (Windows + Mac) [2017]

Git-flow and Hg-flow out of the box:

Use Git-flow and Hg-flow with simplicity. Keep your repositories cleaner and your development more efficient with SourceTree’s intuitive screen to Git and Hg’s ‘branch’ development model.


It’s time that is exciting be considered a Windows designer using SourceTree. We’ve seen adoption that is constant of for Windows, and now more than half our users come from Windows – impressive for a tool that used become Mac only! Since launching the 2.0 beta in and functioning on the feedback we’ve received since we’re excited to announce that SourceTree for Windows 2.0 happens to be available January.

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