TVersity Pro Media Server 2.3 Free Download

TVersity Pro Media Server 2.3 Free Download


TVersity Pro Media Server 2.3 Free Download


TVersity Pro Media Server 2.3


With super user-interface that is straightforward ultrafast navigation and search, there clearly was no easier option to play and view your whole media library on your own iPhone.He TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or it your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG) as we call. It then serves this news to a variety of networked products in your home or on the go, overcoming their limitations that are inherent doing all the necessary conversions regarding the fly, and thus making your news available anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

All the many benefits of the app that is free without ads and with extra

Before you install

  1. Check compliance with the minimum system requirements.
  2. New users should refer to your Quick Start guide before installing the application.
  3. Current users may wish to learn what’s new in the release that is latest.
  4. Note you could install the Pro edition along with the Basic or Free and vice versa, and in both full cases, all your media sources will likely to be preserved.

Minimum System Demands (Pro edition)

  1. The Pro version requires besides the above
  2. For transcoding to H.264, Windows 7 or more recent is required
  3. For transcoding to WMV (Xbox 360), Windows Media Player 11 is required
  4. Audio enabled on the computer running the application

The latest Flash Player installed and working with either Firefox, or Google Chrome is necessary ( a flash basedFlash player can be downloaded from here – please choose the Firefox to vary Flash-based web content.

TVersity Pro Media Server 2.3 Free Download

Minimum System Demands (Screen Server)

The Screen Server calls for in addition to the above mentioned

Windows 7 or newer is necessary.

Improve your screen resolution to 1280×720 before mirroring and also to Windows that is disable aero.

Additional Notes

  • The minimum requirements will allow transcoding that is real-time of files with bitrates as much as 300-400 kbps. Greater bitrates will require faster machines.
  • Media files that do not need transcoding, i.e. may be played by the media player device since is, will work very well on systems meeting the requirements that are minimum disregarding their bitrate, plus in fact, can even focus on slower machines.
  • A new, desktop grade, single core CPU is necessary for real-time transcoding of standard definition video (e.g. WMV 640×480 1.5Mbps).
  • Multi-core or multi-systems that are CPU required for real-time transcoding of high definition video (or Intel Quick Sync Video help in the CPU).
  • Nonreal-time transcoding of any video that is bitrate be done on any machine, with the rate regarding the mechanism determining the time it takes to finish the transcoding.
  • TVersity Media Server / Screen Server would perhaps not have now been possible without the linked 3rd party software.

ATTENTION: TVersity Media Server is designed for in-home, individual, non-commercial only use. A license that is commercial including a developer license) is available here.


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